Facial Steam - Dried Botanicals

Quail Hill Soap Co

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We combine the best quality dried botanicals to create a spa experience for the face. 
Enjoy the natural scent while steaming the face under a towel of hot water.
It's a great way to prepare the skin for a mask or your favorite moisturizer.
Your Choice:
•Dried Lavender, Rose Petals & Chamomile Blend / Normal to Dry Skin
•Dried Peppermint Leaf, Plantain Leaf & Chamomile Blend / Problem Skin
Net Wt. .25 oz.
Glass Jar

* Bring a small pot of water to a soft boil. You will need a clean bowl large enough to
   hold a few cups of water and a clean bath towel to properly steam your face.
* Wash your face as usual
* Pour the warm water into the bowl
* Place a small amount of the facial tea into the bowl of water
* Hold your face about 8 inches over the steaming water drape the towel over the
   back of your head forward to cover the bowl and your head to capture the steam 
* Breathe deeply and relax for 5-10 min.
* Use a toner to close your pores
* put the toner in the fridge for an exhilarating sensation
* To finish moisturize your face and neck to lock in that wonderful hydration.